Our Commitment to Safety


Because we take Covid-19, the health and safety of all of our faculty staff and students very seriously, our enhanced cleaning regimen includes daily sanitation by a professional housekeeping service and weekly Covid-19 spraying by Caremaster with approved CDC sanitizers. Likewise, we have closed all common areas and have dedicated entrance and exit doors which keeps studio foot traffic flowing one way. Finally, since GCB has always maintained small class sizes, we have allocated extra time in our daily schedule for touch up cleaning between each class.


1. Before returning to class you must sign our COVID-19 liability waiver and we ask that you review our short questionnaire each week before returning (which will ensure there has been no international travel or illness in your family within the past 14 days.)

2. If your child has a pre-existing medical condition – we ask you please notify the front office

3. All students will be required to wear masks when at the studio – students who arrive without a mask will not be allowed to enter the building.

4. Your child’s temperature will be taken via touchless forehead thermometer before being allowed to enter the studio.

5. All common areas will be closed and students will NOT be allowed to wait in the lobbies or lounges between classes. Students must leave the studio and wait in their car until their next class begins – also since changing areas will be closed, dancers must arrive fully dressed for class.

6. All lobbies and common areas will be CLOSED and only students and instructors will be allowed in the studios.

7. We strongly encourage and recommend that students use the bathroom BEFORE entering the studio so that we may keep common areas as sanitary as possible

8. Parents must be on time when picking up dancer.

9. Studio spaces are taped off in 6-foot blocks. Students will be staggered in order to maintain the recommended social distance by the CDC.

10. Students will be asked to maintain excellent hand hygiene before, between, and after classes.

11. Students will be asked to wash their dance bags weekly and to bring hand sanitizer.

12. The studio will be cleaned daily/and cleaned weekly with CDC approved electrostatic equipment once weekly.

GCB faculty and staff will likewise be required to adhere to the same safety guidelines and to practice excellent hand hygiene, wear protective PPE, and maintain physical distance between themselves and their students while in class.